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Mayhem Intergalactic has been updated to version 1.2.3. In addition to the amusing version number (well, I’m amused) this update introduces a new feature and fixes a number of bugs and annoyances.

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Version 1.2.3 is compatible with savefiles and servers from versions 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 (but not from version 1.2.0 or earlier), although some features will be unavailable when playing on older servers. Here's the full lowdown:

New/changed features

  • Private chat. To send a private chat message to a player called Bob, type /msg bob Hi Bob!. Names can be abbreviated. /whisper or /tell can be used instead of /msg.
  • The message log on the information bar (click the button at the top-left or press Tab) now features improved formatting and scroll buttons.
  • Chat box will now stay open permanently during the multiplayer pre-game settings screen. If it’s empty when the game starts, then it closes itself automatically.
  • Chat messages now have a partially-transparent black background to aid readability.
  • You can now see your own ping.
  • If only AIs are left in a multiplayer game (including if all human players are in disconnected state), end the game.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed: Rifts sometimes weren’t visible to remote clients.
  • Fixed: Observers were being assigned starting planets on custom maps, and could attempt to send orders to the ships on those planets (without success).
  • Fixed: Players in disconnected state didn’t get sent to newly-connecting observers.
  • Fixed: /ban command was crashing server in presence of non-networked players.
  • Fixed: /kick command could be used on oneself.
  • Fixed: Removed ghostly grey “e” near End Turn button.
  • Fixed: A mistyped console command showed up as chat.
  • Fixed: Some bugs in internationalisation support.
  • Fixed: Invalid map errors no longer crash the game.

Bugs fixed (Steam edition)

  • Fixed: mayhemig.exe would sometimes hang around using 100% of the CPU after game exit.

Steam customers will receive the update automatically. Everyone else can upgrade for free (and please do!).

This, believe it or not, makes 3 updates in as many weeks, each with a fairly substantial list of changes. I think that’s a record!

What game is this?

Mayhem Intergalactic is a game which only takes 5-15 minutes per session, yet has enough depth and replayability to keep you occupied for hours at a time In a nutshell, Mayhem Intergalactic is a turn-based 4X strategy game. It provides a streamlined version of the gameplay found in other turn-based strategy games, freeing you from resource micromanagement and letting you concentrate on actual strategy. Check out the demo here on ModDB, see this earlier news post containing gameplay details, or watch the video below:

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