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Since the latest message, we updated the game twice! Here's the changelog of what append.

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Since the latest message, we updated the game twice! Here's the changelog of what append:

New features:

  • New illustrations of Meleyfir in The Dead Forest
  • New Story: River of Ashes
  • New Covenant: Hunters on Borrowed Time
  • New card: The Sacrifice
  • New mechanic: some cards are placed randomly to make the story less predictable
  • New mechanic: the player can now lose life while exploring
  • Added asynchronous multiplayer events

Fixed problems:

  • Fixed click areas when exploring
  • The covenant trick could not appear in the forest
  • Correction on the Putrefaction card in the intro
  • Fixed texts on Dead Forest direction
  • On some resolutions tips were not displayed correctly
  • Fixed a bug when the player displays the menu while a merchant's interface is already displayed
  • Some punctuation with a non-breaking space have been fixed in French
  • English translations was added in “River of Ashes” story
  • Gems are no longer displayed in the rewards screen if there are no gems
  • The number of moves when betting in the “Scholars” story has been fixed


  • An indicator is now displayed to highlight the player's current position
  • Textures have been added on floors
  • Added missing artwork on some items
  • The title screen was revamped
  • The buttons was revamped
  • The number of cards to pick for bets was reworked
  • Messages have been added during multiplayer events

Improvements from the community:

These improvements were submitted by our players! Thank you everyone for all your feedbacks!

  • Putrefaction card readability has been improved
  • Modifier names have been added to the interface
  • Added modifier tip
  • Added feedback when the player uses an item in the menu
  • Added messages to cancel an action in progress during fights and to exit the menu
  • Addition of a counter of remaining moves to win the bet chosen at the beginning of the story
  • All the cards are now removed when the player is lost in the Dead Forest
  • Successful bets now give random modifiers
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