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The engine has been completely rewritten over the last nine months! Pytheas now runs as part of the Sandbox suite. I have a quick video to showcase the flexibility and unique aspects of the Sandbox. New gameplay features include multiplayer, built-in editor, multiple game modes and much more!

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The engine has come a long way. In fact, it has been completely rewritten. I will get more in-depth about Pytheas in a narrated video later. I wanted to emphasize the unique parts of Pytheas and make it very different from other games within the genre. I hope you enjoy taking a peek at the new engine!

You can find the full video, forums and more info at www.dyvoxstudios.com.. More news and images will come shortly! In the meantime, you can still play the Pytheas prototype game by downloading from the Moddb download section.

To clear up any confusion. The Pytheas prototype was built on an experimental engine. The new engine is called the DyVox Sandbox. To play, you will load up the Sandbox and select the Pytheas game. Similarly, you will be able to play other mods or scenarios from the Sandbox, all within the same application. When complete, you will also have access to the built-in editor. In single-player or as a server admin, you can edit the world in real-time and during play!

A full list and descriptions of the engine features will be available when the wiki is complete. Thanks for reading and viewing the video!

Heartbroken - - 63 comments

The Prototype was already epic in it's on way but I definitely can't wait to try this new version.
And was that the beginning of "La Marseillaise" at 00:37 ?

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TheMadChemist Author
TheMadChemist - - 67 comments

Haha, not quite. That was part of Trikovski's 1812 overture. He used that iconic part of "La Marseillaise" to conjure images of armies.
I hope you will enjoy the new version when it's out!

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explorer13 - - 238 comments

So the engine is now more of a base system like BYOND? Granted, a lot more complex and awesome by the looks of it. :]


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TheMadChemist Author
TheMadChemist - - 67 comments

Thanks! I needed an engine that was capable of switching between scripted levels and randomly generated content. I also wanted the gameplay flexibility of games like Half-Life and Crysis. It's pretty much a different game when you switch the components around so I left it open for modding. This way I can also pack some bonus mini-games as well!

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Insolent. - - 669 comments

This is so cool! The engine is quite flexible - you can have a pirate battle game and a spaceships game all in one! Heck, in this engine you could slap a laser cannon on a sailboat and shoot incoming spaceships out of the sky!

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TheMadChemist Author
TheMadChemist - - 67 comments

Oh yeah, the new content manager allows me to add tons of content easily. For a test, I modeled and skinned a new part, programmed it, and got it in game in under 1 hour. I'm also working on a much more in-depth crafting system ;)

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Guest - - 695,043 comments

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