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We show how the art and character visuals are made for Dynasty Feud. How we design hi-res characters and their transformation to pixel art to jump to the game.

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Hi everyone!

Let´s talk about the art of Dynasty Feud. One of our main ideas for this project is to have a large variety of playable characters, with many different set of animations and differents shapes and blocking.

Because of this we decided to go on with a style that allows us to quickly iterate over the animations yet have the tools to properly design all the characters. This is really important as the strong characterization through different archetypes is key in making our characters very recognizable.

Humor is another key point in our game, so when designing characters we always tend to think of silly stuff for each family time and origin and then mix it with their visual appearance. For example, one member of the western family is a guy customized as a cactus... LOL! we believe this kind of silly humor actually fits pretty well in this game.

So the style we are using for in-game art is mainly pixel art. In the following art posts we'll get into details of character creation and animation process, but mainly, the overall process is designing characters through high-res concept sketches, not only digital, but traditional drawings too, and then bring them into pixel art to test few more variations in there. Once the whole family members are done, we can start animating.

The characters and the effects are created in a 128x128 canvas, and most of the characters are 30-60 pixels tall. The background is pixel art as well, but has a little bit more resolution.

In the other hand we are developing a hi-res style, basically for characters, with clean lines and flat color and shading. This art is mainly for marketing material, menus, HUD...

I hope, you guys find this post interesting. In the next posts we will deeply talk about the concept process, the animation, the high-res images, the background, the effects... anything related to art!

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