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In this news post we will give you some basic information about the Dynamic Event System (DES), a system that's currently being implemented in Aerial Combat Encounters.

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First of all we would like to apologise for not posting so much in the last week. We were very busy working on a Dynamic Event System (DES) concept and functionality. So, you must be wondering: "What does DES exactly change in the game?" Here's the answer: During the missions or while not on a mission (stationary, in base), you will receive side missions. Depending on did you complete the side mission or not, the main story will change, giving the player unique experience every time he plays the singleplayer.
Along with the side missions, you will need to make some decisions during the campaign. All of this will result in variety of different endings, missions, characters, lives and deaths etc.
For operations under your lead, you will also be able to select operation personnel (air and ground units deployed on the operation) and an operation approach.

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