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NEW FEATURES • Research laboratories (Mid game locations infested with robots and wildlife) • Three new enemies • Laser rifle weapon • Robotic factories.

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The v0.3.0 release of Dust introduces a new mid-game location, with new enemies, weapons, challenges and strategies: The research laboratory.


They are static robots equipped with homing explosive rockets. Unlike other robots, scanners sense their surroundings with 4 scanning lasers. They can be used to the player's advantage to destroy pests.

rush scanner


Flying patrolling robots equipped with a close range taser gun. While relatively weak, they have the tendency to ”gang up” on enemies and alter other, more dangerous robots.

rush sentinel


They are slow heavy armored robots equipped with a high range, high rate plasma weapon. Unless you have a good cover and a high dps weapon, it is better to leave them alone.

rush tank 4mb

Laser rifle

Inspired from some popular shows :), it's a powerful but resource hungry weapon. It is able to kill most enemies and destroy most material in seconds. It is effective both on large enemies or swarms of small enemies.

rush laser 4mb

download Dust.mathieu.guillame-bert.com

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What's next?

The next two big releases will be the vehicules (starting with the bicycle) and the multiplayer-over-internet. If you have ideas and comments, don’t hesitate to contact me :).


  • Research laboratories: Mid game locations infested with robots and wildlife.
  • Three new enemy types: sentinel robot, rank robot and scanner robot.
  • Laser rifle weapon: Late game overpowered weapons able to take down large numbers of strong enemies. Consumes a large amount of energy i.e. consumes a fully charged standard battery in <1s. Integrates well with nuclear batteries.
  • Robotic factories: To craft friendly robots.
  • Spider pheromone (previously called “spider love potion”) is effective on large spiders.
  • Spider pheromone is effective on small spiders, even when a large spider is around.
  • The light radius of most light emitting items (torches, fire camps, luminous plants, etc.) have been increased.
  • Eyes of large spiders are visible in the dark.
  • Lag when loading / generating new chunks of the world is significantly reduced.
  • When starting a new game, the world generation is faster.
  • New explosion effects.
  • Weak rocks (located in abandoned caves) are easier to break.
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