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Here we will talk about the different through players will be able to experience "dungeons" in Profane.

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Hey, community! Let's talk a little about DUNGEONS and how we see them in Profane? Before we say anything, let us clarify something: dungeon is a broad term in the world of Profane, and it does not represent dungeons as you will see them in most MMORPGs around. Actually, there are different ways and shapes where this concept may manifest in Profane, and this is what we want to talk about in today's post:

  1. Dungeons will be part of the open world. We don't want dungeons to have a simulated entrance out in the open world, only to have the player (and its group) sent to a closed experience that cannot be accessed by other players. They will be there as points of interest (i.e. a mine), creatures/NPCs lairs, or as a territory that has been conquered by a bigger faction that expanded. Every time you’re in a place dominated by beings that you’re not friendly or neutral with you will be, in a way, in a dungeon. They can get increasingly difficult depending on what the place is and how deep you can go.

  2. Dungeons accessed through a rare drop. The idea is, for instance, a drop (possibly able to be commercialized) that when used would open a portal to another world or space related to the creature that dropped the item. This portal would allow only a limited number of players to go through it before closing. These players don't have to necessarily be part of the portal creator's group: if anyone sees the opportunity to slip in through the portal before the others, they can! Or also if the portal owner decided they want to use it in the middle of a city, they also can. What's important here is that this model creates a rare one-time opportunity for anyone involved.

  3. Adventure packs (premium content). Before we talk about these, we want you to know: this is one of the ideas we have for future methods of monetization. They may change drastically as development progresses and that's also dependent on how other methods perform (such as skin selling). Through these packs, players would have access to specific linear lore and art-rich adventure, tailored for those that want to dive deep into this part of the game. It's important to say that such content would NEVER bring any advantage regarding other players, such as super-strong equipment (so no pay-to-win). These packs could, instead, bring cosmetic drops exclusive to the adventure lived in them. HOW this kind of content will be made available (if through individual purchase or a battle-pass, for instance) is not yet defined.

In Profane, clearing a dungeon won't just mean visiting a place with a pre-determined narrative in a linear content. Being part of the open world means that, when clearing a dungeon, players will have changed the course of history in that place, and many times that might mean that the prize itself will be the conquering of that space for themselves. Everything will happen in a dynamic way. It is even possible that enemy players might collaborate with NPCs to defend a place that is under attack when it's within their interests that this NPC faction remain where they are. These are systems that are part of Profane's constant history, where nothing is permanent.

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