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Now that the base walk and idle animations are finished for each hero I'll be beginning the implementation of the core features, list below is the summary of the current set of features to be programmed.

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Dungeon Core Update #1

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All the Hero Walk & Idle animations are now complete!

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image
User Posted Image User Posted Image
(Note: These are just the down animations)

Now that all the base directional animations have been completed It's time to start programming some features! The following is a brief summary of what I'll be working on to start with:

Implementation of the fundamental controls.

  • 4-way directional movement.
  • Aiming system.
  • Action button (Interacting with environment).
  • Rebindable controls.
  • Keyboard & controller compatible.

Textbox System
Textbox to display text from NPCs, Notes etc.

  • Scrolling text (Skippable).
  • Text contained within set bounds.
  • Text cut off onto a second page if too long.
  • Set textbox background image.
  • Setting avatar & position (left/right).
  • Exitable.
  • Multiple-choice options.

Setting up the core Networking functionality.

  • Players set names & class.
  • Host-Client setup.
  • Host sets up game.
  • Clients connect via IP.
  • Players begin.
  • GUI setup (Names & portraits).
  • Movement (4 Directional).
  • Action Button (Interacting with environment).

Multiplayer ChatboxChatbox for talking to players.

  • Spam-filter control.

On top of this I'll be adding a lot more content for the Dungeon tile set.

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