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Finally, we are on Steam Greenlight! Also new: more Improvements to enemy AI Navigation, Need of Air, bug fixes, new animations...

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We are finally on Steam Greenlight! Please vote and get Early Access at DungeonColony.com! Currently Discounted at $3.99.

New in

The dungeon needs air again, that is, if there is an entrance to the dungeon and if the level has enemies trying to enter the dungeon from outside. As a player, you can close the dungeon off by placing a wall at the entrance. Anyone trapped inside will start loosing air-points. Once depleted, life points will drop.

The air algorithm has always been part of the game engine. I turned it off a while ago when working on the tile map. The Alpha testers found out quickly about it and thus it was time to turn it back on.

As a result, I also made significant improvements to the enemy AI: Since dungeon layout and design is left to the player's imagination, the AI has to make somewhat realistic choices when faced with multiple directions. For example, if an enemy walks down a corridor with a room to the right, should he walk on or enter the room ?

The new algorithm helps the enemy make those decisions. While this is the foundation for enemy movement, I've been long working on an 'actual' AI based algorithm (one that learns as opposed to one that's just decision tree based). It's not done yet, but the progress looks promising.

I also created a new mining smoke/particle animation :



  • Adds new Animation when a wall is destroyed (see gif).


  • Re-introduces air need. Prevents player from closing off the dungeon with a wall.
  • Improves Enemy AI navigation.
  • Improved order-cancelling logic when minions cannot perform a command for any reason.
  • Fixes bug that crashed the game when placing ground tiles.
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