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Post news RSS Dumpy & Bumpy Receives "Spit-Shine" Update!!

Dumpy & Bumpy, a retro-style block puzzler great for fans of the "Adventures of Lolo" series and "Bubble Bobble" receives an extensive update based on player feedback!

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Update (aka The "Spit-Shine" Update!) is now LIVE!I hope you're ready for some peak Dumpy & Bumpy!! Lots of really great things in version!

It's my intention to bring you absolutely the best experience while you're Dumpin' & Bumpin', so I've partnered up with Screenwave Media to make that possible! This new update focuses heavily on both the visuals and the feel of the game.


Here's a detailed changelog:

  • A partnership with Screenwave Media is now reflected in new splash screens.
  • The resolution of the game has been fixed to be 16:9 (instead of 16:9.6, which was a dumb oversight from early on in development).
  • As a result of the above change, a number of UI elements have been adjusted.
  • Spike Sliders no longer start moving on the first frame of detecting the player- instead, they shake for 12 frames before moving, allowing you to walk past them within a 16px gap. This was done because they were triggering on 4-6, despite attempting the level as intended. Spike Sliders were never supposed to slam toward you if you enter a portal in their path, but adding a delay fixes this.
  • Along with the spike slider change, a bug where they could teleport through a portal when stationary has been fixed.
  • "PAR" times have been relabeled to "PRO". They were never meant to be an indication of how quickly a stage should casually be beaten, but rather, how quickly you should be able to beat it if you're familiar with the puzzle and skilled in the mechanics.
  • PRO time for 8-5 has been increased by 1 second (as it would be impossible to achieve now with the slider's functioning differently).
  • The timer for levels no longer starts as soon as the level starts. Instead, it waits for the player to make an action first. I had intended on adding a pause feature inside of the levels, however structurally the game isn't set up for that - it would require a pretty in-depth rewrite of every motion-based action and a lot of testing after each change (SORRY). This is a happy medium, and it kind of suits the game well!
  • A Spicy Tip has been added to 2-6 mentioning that the timer won't start until you move.
  • A Spicy Tip has been added to 2-9 mentioning that Spike Sliders can start on redirect arrows.
  • Level 1-10 and 4-6 have been renamed to better reflect the solution.
  • Player 2 has full menu control. Now, they can also restart or go back to the overworld from levels. Sincerest apologies if this annoys some older siblings.
  • Along with menu control, Player 2 can now select levels from the overworld.
  • World maps have been adjusted/cleaned up, and in some cases include additional animation and polish. Lots more flare.
  • World 3 has been completely remade, as it was far from my favorite.
  • Level 1-8 has been adjusted to be less boring for two players. While not every level is going to be super engaging for multiplayer, I felt that it wasn't a good first impression of the mode.
  • Fonts have been expanded to support additional languages.
  • Strings have all been externalized to allow for easier localization.
  • Fixed an issue where the description bar in the multiplayer menu didn't move off-screen when starting a battle.
  • Removed the 2nd Spike Slider from 4-10.
  • Spaced out the runway for the Spike Slider in 4-10.
  • Analog input has been added. The left analog stick just acts as a second D-Pad.
  • An issue with Ghosts not properly seeking a new target after their original one is defeated has been fixed. They now seek out the other player once their original target has been ghosted.
  • In line with the above fix, Ghosts no longer seek the coordinate where their target was picked up by another player. Instead, they'll seek out the player that picked them up.
  • Originally, teleporting into a World (World 1 to World 2 for example) would show the label of the return portal. This was confusing, since the first thing you're greeted with is a World name, and then the return portal label above showing the previous world's name. To fix this, I've made the portal you start on when arriving in a World not show a label until all players have left the portal and subsequently walked on it again.
  • Due to the overwhelming urge to make Dumpy & Bumpy talk to one another when playing Co-Op with the attack button, puzzles with the "No Bites" objective will no longer automatically fail when you bite. Instead, the bite no longer does damage!
  • Fixed a bug where a spawning player in VS Mode would only destroy one block, thus obscuring their spawner instead of all of them.
  • Fixed a small quirk where the player's momentum after selecting a level while sliding on ice would carry over after leaving/winning the selected level. Only applies to World 7.
  • Fixed a major bug where a player could use another player to clip through a wall, and then proceed to destroy the wall by picking them up.
  • As a result of the above change, pushing players has been refined. Pushing no longer affects momentum, and instead is a nudge. The visuals are also less shaky.
  • Tiles that bounce out of bounds will no longer bounce back and forth infinitely. Instead, they will explode if they try to bounce out of bounds more than once.
  • Credits have been updated to reflect Screenwave Media, and display positions have been adjusted slightly to be more centered.

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I really appreciate all the feedback and support that Dumpy & Bumpy has received since its launch! Be sure to join our Discord Community for more DUMPIN' and BUMPIN'

- Programancer

Try the Demo!!!

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