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Post news RSS Dumb Little Creatures is now live on Steam 🎉

The indie game that promises to be a modern and fresh take of a great 90s puzzle classic arrives today on Steam

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Steam link: Store.steampowered.com

Providing hours of strategizing and fun, Dumb Little Creatures engages gamers with vibrant worlds by solving addicting 3D puzzles that keep the innocent creatures on the right path. By instructing the creatures to build, dig and construct objects, the gamer can surpass an array of sadistic moving obstacles and mayhem.

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The game story

"We love Lemmings, which is a great game that happened many years ago, and since there, there hasn’t been other like that. We want to bring younger generations of gamers the fun of a game like that, but with a modern and fresh look, and also we want to relive the same challenging mechanics it had for people that liked that game at that time, but with our own story, version of it and vision. We hope it will be great!

We want to create a really fun experience. So we wanted the visuals to look really innocent, like watching a kids cartoon, just like Peppa Pig or something like that. So we went for Low Poly and bright colors. We created unique worlds with different enviroments.

The idea is to help this group of creatures get to the exit. So we based the idea on a classic game called Lemmings. But we gave it a fresh look and started playing with the visual style (low poly), colors (bright), views (isometric & 3d), changing the tone of the game (introducing fatalities, etc). Adding additional elements to make it even more challenging, by having blind spots and having to think in 3D. We really hope it will be fun to play!"
- Pablo González
Mismatch Studio founder

Incredibly funny

The production took over a year and promises to be an incredibly fun puzzle and has set May 22 as its release date

Challenging Puzzles

With over 21 challenging levels + an additional 8 bonus levels, this game is designed to keep you entertained for hours.

The game just launched on May 22 and is now live for PC & Mac on Steam.


don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

For more information contact:

Juan Pablo Gonzalez

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