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We have received English dubbing for our game. And we want to know your opinion.

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We are working on the English version of the game and
we have to cope with dubbing. In Cubesis the monks are dubbed and have a few
lines as:

“At your service.”
“As you wish.”

We wanted them to sound as foreigners, because we
wanted to create a feeling that player is in a new world. Do you think it is

You can find it here:


I think that overall the effect is fine, but some of the lines sound less natural than the rest. (I like your voice actor, by the way~)

Personally, I wouldn't mind if the monks were speaking a foreign language as long as it was subbed. In fact, I think I'd enjoy it most if they spoke a completely new, made-up language that is completely unique to the game, since it would just enhance the feel of being in a new world.

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Ikkju Author

Thank you for your comment!

It is interesting idea: brand new language. We will certainly think of it!

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