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D.’s Sandbox is a free open source game inspired by sandbox games such as Terraria, Minecraft and Infiniminer and based on the Minetest engine. The goal is for the project to be school friendly but also provide a wealth of fun and creative activities such as Rollercoasters, Fishing, Creative Building, Boating, Race Car Racing, Exploring, Under Water Adventures, Land and Water Life, and much more! This version adds many features to create a Modern City.

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D.’s Sandbox Modern City Builder Edition has been released! D.’s Sandbox is a free open source game inspired by sandbox games such as Terraria, Minecraft and Infiniminer and based on the Minetest engine. This release adds the Modern City Builder subgame so that users can create their own cities. A big thanks to the awesome Minetest developers and Modders for helping make this release possible! Expect a lot more from me on the way too including more subgames including some that are not school friendly (included in a different version) and I am planning on building D. The Atom Shifter with this engine as well.

IMPORTANT: The /docsmike folder has links to tutorials for the different mods. Please post any comments or feedback in the Forum! I’m very interested in your input and what you like, don’t like, and what you’d like to see added! These images below are only the tip of the iceberg of what can be created now. If you create any great screens please feel free to submit them and they may be posted on the site.

Key Features Of This Release Are In The Modern City Builder Gametype which includes:
* Asphalt, Road signs, traffic lights, etc
* Fishing
* Cars
* Carts and rails
* Wiring and the ability to generate electricity (Referred to as Mesecons)
* Pipes and chutes and the ability to move liquids and solids
* Farming with lots of new fruits and vegetables
* Skin changing (/m to access it)
* Minecarts and some different rails
* New inventory featuring a craft guide and lots more ( aka the Unified Inventory Mod) – I would love feedback on it especially vs the minetest default
* Hunger and Thirst System can be added to a world via the “configure” button
* WorldEdit Mod – A very power world editing tool added to a world via the “configure” button.
* Currency and Shops

Future Goals (some for a non school version):
* Animals such as cows, horses, sheep, etc. Horses will be rideable
* NPC Traders
* Monsters
* Generated villages and villagers
* Wandering adventuring NPCs that you can hire and/or interact with
* Aviation

screenshot 20160130 205431

screenshot 20160130 205505

screenshot 20160130 205539

screenshot 20160130 205523

screenshot 20160130 200823

screenshot 20160130 200326

Guest - - 696,612 comments

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taintedpyro813 - - 664 comments

Nice! Looking forward to future updates

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z-c-r - - 7 comments

OH, REALLY?!? i can play something like that in minecraft with an texture pack and 3 mods...

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calimer Author
calimer - - 165 comments

No you can't :)

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z-c-r - - 7 comments

with an simple custom map in minecraft you can enter in the world of assasins creed, the sims, the legend of zelda...
that game is basically an really little mod...

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ZeroBits - - 131 comments

So? He's not trying to make some new fancy game, he's trying to make an open-source minecraft-like game for fun/education/whatever reason.

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z-c-r - - 7 comments

go there and tell me what is open-source

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ArcadePreMan - - 822 comments

Let him do whatever he want. We know that theres mods for roads cars etc. This guy wants to make it like a City Builder style not digging and mining (is that included? I dont know.)

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Zodarr - - 3 comments

The software this author is writing, is open source. Not Minecraft. This game. I play Minecraft frequently, but nontheless, this project looks nice. And i like to see open source projects.
"being different" and "drawing attention" ... well, of course he is.
Is that not one of the purposes of writing a program for the public?

And while Minecraft is not open source, many mods for it are.
Some are even just some creative commons derivative, e.g. the "You can make with the mod whatever you want" kind.

Well, that was a bit off topic, maybe.

And finally, there is the choice of not using the software/game/whatever.

Rant end.

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Game_research - - 4 comments

It's very interesting idea. Indeed Minecraft has mods such as Pipes, IC or Red Power, but those required installation and some mods were conflicting. Making not medieval version of MC is good idea, but try to add things that were absent in original rather than copying it with few added tools. And one more thing - add some bug handling - my 2 worlds got corrupted due to wrong connection of pipes. When I reload them error is still here making it impossible to play.

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KidDev3154 - - 19 comments

I love games like this! It won't be that successive since there are many rivals in this particular genre but it won'tbe much of a ffailure. It will be really great for people to use for learning purposes as well. I vote this #1for most useful, educational and for the cause game :).

Also, minecraft is very good. Still though, the dev is right. I have over 100 mods and it took me a long time to get all of them running properly. It took me a week to get all the required libraries, check what mod works or not, optimize to what I need and lots of other stuff. Also, minecraft is not optimized. It runs on Java which is an easy language but is 20-40% slower than C languages in terms of CPU efficiency. Meaning we could have gotten some more frames for it especially on low end hardware.

Also, some suggestions, debug mode is always a good thing. When I used to play minecraft(got sick of all my 1.7.10 mods being unable to be used later on), I often check every single little bit of the game to check out the performance especially memory usage.

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Guest - - 696,612 comments

So,what about The Atom Shifter game,is it on hold?

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Guest - - 696,612 comments

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