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It's time, there's nothing left, nothing to keep this going any longer. Done with it. All projects cancelled.

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I've given up. I'm not great, not good, just a terrible terrible person who can't make jack ****.
So it's time to be done with this. All projects are hereby cancelled. They were all awful and just plain rip offs of something else by others. People were right, I can't do ****. They panned, trolled, and cyber bullied me because they were trying to tell me the truth, to show me the right way; stop making garbage. Therefore I am no longer going to be active on this site. I will be closing all accounts, games, etc. possible. My 'development group' ZE Gamez is hereby disband. All friends will be removed. Nothing I've done in the past 7 years of game development were any good, nothing was well received, just panned. If 7 years of failure ain't enough to show I cannot do jack, then idk what will. Just done. Over 20 games over 6 mods of failure.

Good riddens is what they say
Throwing their party shouting hurray
That the failure is gone
Heck they'll celebrate with a song
No more garbage by this creep
All cleaned no longer a trash heap
This community is now free
Everyone jumps up with glee
The tainted menace is no more
Get ready to break it down on the floor
A so called passion to design
Was just a form of being blind
The 'creator' fails at every turn
It all comes back to only burn
People were right so it's time
To hang it all up and leave in shame

Darkening_Demise (Originally Zombie_Expert)
Member since 2011-2013
No Longer Active

Hope things will be better off with the abominations gone. May you live long and prosper.

Mkilbride - - 2,784 comments

Good luck. Modding is really hard, some just aren't cut out for it.

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Wafflessss - - 892 comments

This, and also that there are ******** on this website (had experiences with many). Goodluck with whatever you're doing in the future now, Darkening.

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Aura636 - - 109 comments

This really didn't look too bad. Honestly, if you got yourself a team together you'd probably be able to get out a pretty nice mod.

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Daerchador - - 415 comments

hmm, midna's lament does fit this article pretty well...

how dark...

well then, this is good-bye then. good luck with whatever your future holds ;)

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t_bag_bear_traps - - 40 comments


Lol this ****** wrote a poem? Go kill yourself

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The_Agent_Orange - - 5 comments

Go F*** yourself, pal.

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Leetgrain - - 8 comments

You shouldn't quit just because of trolls and idiots. I know it's hard, but this didn't look that bad at all. At least you were bloody trying. It's a shame to see it got to you, but you should continue doing it if you do enjoy or want to do it. Don't let the ******** get to you.

Anyway, good luck for whatever the future entails, and if you ever did want to get back into it. I could certainly lend a hand in some way.

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Mario167100 - - 22 comments

Don't give up man I haven't played any of ur games but I bet there good

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The_Agent_Orange - - 5 comments

He's doing okay now, I think. He's working on something new and hopefully he can get back to himself soon.

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