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Hello! I just released my newest free indie game titled, Doggo Dentist. It is a retro point and click style game set in the 80's with multitasking and, of course Dogs! However, with this game comes a little story or piece of mind that I would like to share below to you all. Thanks!

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Hello again! I have a quick update for you all.

The full PATCHED VERSION with fixes for Doggo Dentist has just been released!

I realize that the beta version was very buggy, and I'm sorry if any of you guys were not able to play do to those bugs. That being said, I do admit that I kind of rushed the game at the end of development, so I hope some of the new features in this updated version will make up for it.

Thanks for the support!


Welcome! This short devlog is an announcement for the release of my newest indie game, titled Doggo Dentist. If you are stopping buy for a quick read I'd like to tell you a little bit about it!

The Gang2

Doggo Dentist is a short point and click simulation style game that is set in the totally bodacious 80's, where you play as a dentist/veterinarian for dogs. Your job is to perform a short-list of services for each of your patients, within a time limit and you must also multitask to get the job done correctly. After all, our furry friends deserve the best!

Anyways, I started making this game back in late November of last year, during a time when the well was running kind of dry for my creative goals. I had no good ideas for games. The wheel was spinning but landing in the same spot. I was stuck in a corner. After at least 3 proposed and scrapped new game ideas(all of which were huge and unrealistic), and some desperation for the "right game", the idea for a dental simulation for dogs came into my head.


Now in the beginning like everyone who starts making games, my brainstorm phase was pretty sizable and most of its ideas would not make it into the final cut. That being said, I was also trying to make the game in one month, or release it on the first day of the new year. A lot needed to be done in a short amount of time.

Getting started, it did not take long for me to realize that this game would not be done before January 1st, and I had to scale some things back. I was wasting many days trying to rush this game.

During development, I had initially planned to implement multiple rounds of generated levels and a whole scoring system, but that did not work, along with a whole bunch of other bold concepts. So, in the end, after a grind for the first 15 days of this year, I finished the game. I present to you a buggy version of what I thought would be my best game yet.


Now before you think anything else of it, I know that this game might not be the best or most polished product out there. It has its fair share of issues like all other projects. What I feel that matters though, is the fact that it was able to be finished within a set amount of time, and by sticking to original goals. Once I was able to scale things back, and focus on what was most important for the flesh and bones of the game, I was able to finish it. As long as it is playable and proves its point- it does not need extra features or 5 layers of polish. A "good" game can be anything made with passion in mind!


This is how this game was born, and I am proud of it. I'd love you all to play it, and I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for reading my little retrospective!


Showcases the best of this little game-


Welcome to Yarrow. You are our newest Doggo Dentist! During your totally rad career and stay with us, you will meet so many gnarly furry friends, promote your professional career and figure out what makes Yarrow the leading market competitor. So what are you waiting for? Lets begin!

Doggo Dentist is an awesome and totally tubular, 80's inspired point and click management game, that you should like most definitely give a try. Play as a newly hired dentist who must figure out how to perform his job in a not so radical dental firm called Yarrow. Manage cleanings, extractions, veterinary services and many more tasks on 3 unique canines, as you take the advice and heated conversation from another fellow employee named Chanice. All in all, you must figure out what to make of your new career and decide if Yarrow is the right fit for you!

As always I welcome any feedback you have, so please tell me anything you feel about the game!


: 3 Fast-paced point and click style levels with resource management and tasks.

: 3 In-game dialogue cutscenes and story moments.

: 2 story-driven endings.


1)Made scene transitions

2)Cleaned up UI and simplified for a quick-play mode

3)Added better speed-read for dialogue

4)Made controls more practical and intuitive

5)Made game easier to learn by changing how the cursor interacts with the game world.








Mopsy Gameplay


Lobo Gameplay

play3 1

Office - Morningplay4

Cutscene Transcript


Office - Afternoon


Office - Night




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