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Post news RSS Display of some tests with the unity version (still in development)

After the blocking and the planning of the game idea and project, we started dividing tasks by some colleagues doing the art 2D and 3D, while others made the development of the game with Unity. Here we will show some examples of the game in development and some ideas debated and some changes with the original idea.

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Environment Tests for the lawyer and the enviroment around him (in this case, is for the lawyer's office)

Environment Tests

Menu display for the case that the lawyer can accept or refuse, before going to the minigames and later the courtroom

Menu display for accepting or refusing the case

First minigame presented, which is for displaying information regards the case shown in the level

First Minigame

Second minigame presented, which is the connection between the data recieved for the case and the correct places to answer them

Second Minigame

Third minigame, or the courtroom minigame, which is for displaying dialogue between characters and answering either the correct options or the wrong options (and by that figuring if the player wins or loses the case and the level)

Courtroom Minigame

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