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With the collaborative development established during the early access phase of Di[c]E and the creative spirit of our players, the project has been embellished with many new features and updates...

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Di[c]E has been available in early access for two months!

As promised during this early access phase, we have listened to our players who have been heavily involved in the development of the title. We have worked hard to make your ideas a reality!

Thank you !

This ninth update includes a lot of changes that further improve the gaming experience:
- The hero can now run and move stealthily.
- A camera zoom system has been set up to adjust the view to your liking.
- 7 new enemies appear on the island, including a boss!
- A tutorial has appeared.
- During combat, the camera offers dynamic changes in 3D.
- The crafting system and camp equipments have evolved to become more accessible.
- The difficulty of the game has been reduced.
- Magical effects have been improved.
- The minimap is accessible all the time and has been reworked.
- The gamedesign has been changed to make the early game more accessible to new players.

All this without compromising the fluidity and optimization of the Di[c]E - Dice or Die experience.

If you need more information about the game please check out those links :

Website : Slyt.fr
Presskit : Slyt.fr
Steam page : Store.steampowered.com
Discord : Discord.com

Cheers !

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