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Director News #1 - Super Smash Bros. Crash History

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Welcome i am ChristianSmash64! Devloper of Super Smash Bros. Crash!

Today i will talk about the history of this game.

Super Smash Bros. Crash was started last year and was originally gonna be 2D and devloped in Game Maker: Studio, But due to Unity 5's release, The game has been moved on to utilize the 3D models, scripts, assets and more!

This game will Also include a test stage! But not in the final game!

And the Red alloy from brawl will be our test subject!

The model animations will be made from Blender.

The camera will be included also, And the characters and stages will!

Also a small simple cube will be our Test item for the game as well!

The gameplay will be similar to Melee's but a bit different!

Also unlike Super Smash Bros. Feud, this game will include Online Mode! to utilize multiplayer and local matches!

Also enemies such as Master/Crazy Hand will be included, And Giga Bowser will only be in adventure mode!

This game is going to include a SMASHING lot of features and content!

Also bonus stages such as Break the Targets and Board the Platforms will be in!

And that is pretty much all for today! This is ChristianSmash64 signing off! :)

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