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In this article we'll talk about the art decisions made throughout the game's development and we'll share all of the art concepts created for Holy Hell so far. This concepts vary from the first iterations ever made regarding art to current tests we performed to help us make decisions about the art.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another devlog! In today's article we are going to show you most of the art studies, concepts and decisions we've made so far. It will also be a bit different from the previous ones, since it's heavy on pictures and light on text!

In the initial stage of the development, the first thing we did related to art was actually face-to-face discussions about what we desired. This includes the main character, enemies, objects, terrain, shapes, colors, etc. Most of the decisions made at that time remain the same and will probably last permanently.

Let's see more in detail all of the process we've been talking about and its results from here on out.

Main Character

Initially, this was the first version of our main character:

Character 29793068 9132 4641 8510 d8436c9c

Char with SwordPaper Concepts 28 1

Paper Concepts 30 1

We even ended up modelling it so we could test it:

f99358cc 9d8a 4810 bd1d 9905fa15NEW POSE

Then we began having some discussions about how it should be:

Prancha Character Concept pages

Eventually, even though we really liked our character, we decided that we should do more concepts.

player min

We really fell for one of the concepts and that's the one we chose to go along with:

IMG 14367465Player Cropped

Which we have modeled as well:

Posing9dacdbb9 d083 4feb 8fdc e6d2d269a475b9c0 7372 4fad 8bd9 bce6294e


First we established some rules for all the enemies, like the fact they have a skeleton which can be seen after they have been slaughtered.

slaughter min

Then, we began conceptualizing all of the enemies:Regular 1 min

Regular 2 min

enemies 2Ranged min

enemies 369593868 ECAC 4500 87DA C24C09A3

Tank minenemies 6

Grabber min

enemies 4E7920AF3 0920 4080 BDB9 C4BDBB78

Bomber 1 minBomber 2 min

enemies 1BC738FBF 6F24 4EAC 8981 1AADBB60

And lastly...


enemies 5Paper Concepts 43

We are currently modelling all of the enemies, which you'll get a chance to see in the future.


Okay so we've covered the main character and the enemies, but one of the most important things in a game like Holy Hell, artistically speaking, is the environment, so that's what we're going to show now.
We always knew we wanted to differentiate our art from other games, make something quite unique, but initially we didn't know exactly how. Eventually we come up with some ideas that we believe are very original, or, at least, uncommon.

Firstly, the colors, more specifically, the flora's golden-ish colors instead of the usual and realistic green:

825c2a9c 52a5 4b56 ace5 091c738d
Reference picture taken from The Illustrated Nature asset found in the Unity Asset Store.

Prancha Environment Concept pageFinal ColorsCurrent in-game environment art (still in experimentation).

Secondly, the disparity between cute, peaceful and harmonious, and extremely gory and violent:

environment moodboard minbloodstained moodboard min

environment contrast min

constrast min

Floor covered in blood after a fight.


Art concepts showcasing the disparity between Heaven and Hell, saint and sinner, harmless and harmful, calm and angry, and so on.

That is all for today's article, we hope you enjoyed it!

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Until next time!

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