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Hi everyone, we are going to do a little introduction to our game Howling Night. See in first hands what our ideas and thoughts are looking like, our research and all about the game based on the local legend of Vouzela.

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Cova do lobisomem, Vouzela

The game is set in Vouzela, Portugal, to be more precise in Cambra de Baixo, where the legend of a man eater werewolf takes place.

Game Structure:

Howling Night is meant to be a top-down, PVE game with the focus on horror and narrative in the 20 century near a small village in Vouzela.


We play as the chief of the Cambra de Baixo doing his normal routine across the village, talking to people and making sure everything is okay.

At night, things take a different turn. The Chief is awakened by a howl, he goes outside with only a oil lamp to guide him. He then finds himself having to close every window opened by the wind, to prevent the unkown creature to hurt anyone and at the same time save himself from the beast.


Our core gameplay focus on the character having only an oil lamp to guide him, having to close every window that is opened before the creature can reach it, while also avoiding the unknown monster.

lamp oil lamp nostalgia old hist

The windows take some time to close, so be carefull and see if you have time for it.

There will be visual and audio cues for evey action, in order to help the player in the darkness. The player will be also able to hear when the creature is near him and when a window is opened by the wind.

If you are near the beast...STOP!!!

Turn off your lights and you will be safe...

We pretend to make the sound realistic and scary enough to make the player feel the anxiety and fear of these moments.


The game ends when it is sunrise and the player has closed every single window without getting killed by the beast.


The progress our small team did so far was a reseach about the legend, the start of a written narrative and a small prototype of some of the core mechanics for the game.
Although we have a long way to go, we are exited to be working in this project, be sure to have some news about our progress in the coming weeks.

Thank you Everyone.

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