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Hello there! I know what you're thinking:"This project is probably dead." Project is more than alive and still kicking!

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One thing I've noticed about working on a huge project is that time goes by reeeaaly quickly and you don't even notice how years go by.
But I guess that's what happens when you're super busy and have no life and you really love what you're doing. :))

But I digress. Straight to the update we go!

Regret has a new Title Screen/Main Menu! Since I've upgraded from my old, crappy tablet to my new and smexy "Intuos Pro", I've been able to draw more detailed stuff. And I wasn't really happy with the old title screen/main menu. It was quite static and boring looking background. So I completely re-drew it and reprogrammed it!

Regret's New Main Menu

Did a lot of work on AI. Here are two gifs from a while ago. The second is my favorite:

Gimme more of that knockback!


Regret has a new inventory system. One that a true "survival horror" game should have!
Stuck in the game? Check your inventory!

View your map. Read collected files to learn more about the world of Regret. Equip your weapon, check your condition, combine items and heal your self!

Use items, combine them and learn about them!

New Inventory System

Since the player has a limited space in the backpack - only eight slots. You'll definitely need some kind of an item storage.
So I present to you, The most useful box in the world - an Item Box!

Item Box

Item Chest

It's a global items storage, meaning your items are shared throughout the world.

Picking up items is also done, in the best tradition of old-school survival horror, via inventory screen.

Shiny items!

In other news Regret now has a new lighting system and I've added a bunch of fancy particle effects.

New lighting!


And the last but not least - Hooked up Regret to Steam API. Wasn't as horrifically difficult as I though it would be!

Regret on Steam!

More stuff to come, I'll try my best to post updates here more. Thanks for reading! :)

e_Glyde - - 331 comments

That's great, and yea its not dead! But how the zombie flies back when you shoot them is rather comedic.

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s3r10s1n Author
s3r10s1n - - 28 comments

I love that gif. It was a funny bug that I found while working on the AI. :D I actually wish I could put such a funny thing into the game. :)

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Va11ar - - 5 comments

I have to say this game looks interesting. It reminds me so much of the old days back when I played Resident Evil: Nemsis. The inventory, the box...

The art is really cool and I like the new light system specially with the effects on the second GIF. The sparkly stuff is a bit off as it appears outside of the light by a big margin, but it still quite nice.

Any idea or ETA on a demo that we can try? :)

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s3r10s1n Author
s3r10s1n - - 28 comments

That's the mindset I'm in. Take all the good parts about them olden days when survival horror was a thing, put it together and iterate on that.
Hopefully I'll manage to create something that will make the survival horror fans feel at home. :))

Huh, I must agree. I'll push back on those sparkly thingies. I'll play around with light and particles, definitely there's a room for improvement.

As for ETA. I'm not gonna make the same mistake again. When it's ready. :D
I'm a programmer and an artist here, with a budget of a -brick. So Everything can go wrong, but I'm working on the game as much as I can and it will be finished. That I promise. :)

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Va11ar - - 5 comments

I can completely understand the part with the deadlines. I feel in that hole a few times so I salute you for picking up n it and not doing it. Take your time, we'll enjoy it when it is ready. Hats off for you doing the art and code. Art is amazing (I am sure code is too) :).

Just wanted to let you know, I decided after playing Resident Evil 4 that the survival horror genre was dead and was eaten by mildly horror action genre. Your game restored my faith in the genre's existence :). Good luck and will be keeping a close eye.

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s3r10s1n Author
s3r10s1n - - 28 comments

Precisely my thoughts about RE. And thank you! :)

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Guest - - 694,877 comments

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Nicky556 - - 1 comments

Where is downloable the windows videogame "Regret"?

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