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First Development Update, Changelog, and Demo...

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Hello everyone this is the first development update for this game, The Arena of Death. As you may already know I have just recently started collaborating with William_772 as my new concept artist so a huge shout out to him. So lets get started.

I have bean working on this game for about 6 months now and I've had my ups and downs with developing it. I realized that I needed to start getting serious with it instead of just fulling around. The first section of the map that I made was not that great so in the new demo that I released on 1-23-21 you'll notice that you now start in the oil factory instead of that section as I deleted it because it was just the worst. I also added 2 huge new sections that connect by roads to the oil factory. The first one I added was a military base that still needs some tinkering but overall its fine. The second one I added was a huge town this one I got from a 3D Modeler on CGtrader, Dmitrii-Kutsenko, who also deserves huge thanks for making that section possible. Besides doing the town he also provided most of the assets for the oil factory so again huge thanks to him.

Below I have posted the link to the new demo, pictures of the 2 new sections and the changelog:

Youtube Channel: Youtube.com


AOD Demo 2


- 2 New Sections on Map

- Fixed barrier bug

- Deleted first section

- New parking lot in oil factory



Top View:

Whole New Section added to Oil f

In-game views:





Military Base:

Top view:

Upraded Military base

In-game views:



Hope you guys like it!

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