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Post news RSS Development Update #11 - Buffs & Video Replays

This update is short and to the point, but I wanted to share two new features that I'm excited about.

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Alright, so the buffs are in! What these do is they give boosts to various stats of your hero for the current game until game over hits. It can help you go further in a game and reach a higher score. Each buff costs 3 gems (the cost can still change when the game is balanced).


Let's break down what each of them does:

Power - Increases hero's Power Mode duration by 5 seconds.
Life - Adds 1 extra heart.
Damage - Increases damage dealt.
Luck - Higher chance of item drops.

Video Replays

Another feature marked off my to-do list: Everyplay integration. If you are not familiar with Everyplay, it's basically a video sharing service for games. Players can record a gameplay video directly in the game and share it seamlessly with others. Games like Rovio's Bad Biggies and FingerSoft's Hill Climb Racing are using this service.


Technically, integration to cocos2d was a breeze. Once I get it finalised and running smoothly, videos should start appearing here. I hope video sharing helps new players to discover Power Heroes, so if you have an Everyplay account, go ahead and start following!

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