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I I thought about the development states of my game(inspired my minecraft)

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I have 6 states: Indev, Infdev, classic, Alpha, Beta, Fullversion

Indev: [Intern development] (current state) Here I just implement the Core structures like the Graphic/Audio | stuff and base stuff like the Workpiece System i currently working on.
Infdev: [Infomation development] Here I make first usefull structures of the core stuff so I can implement | future stuff better.
Classic: The fisrt Classic Version is the first "playable" Version than I just improve some stuff.
Alpha: Here I add a lot of new gameplay Features Into the game, just like every Aplha game.
Beta: Here I do some Major bugfixing and also some Balancework(Core and Gameplay).
Fullversion: Ready to Play. Future Versions would be some Patches and maybe some Features that are wanted

After that I will begin a new Project.

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