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new valley map preview; new shaders; modding support; background information

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Greetings! My name is Rick and I'm the leader of Kelgar. The project started as an entry to the Platinum Arts Sandbox RPG Contest, which it won in January 2012.

The first months I worked alone on the project. After I decided to continue developing Kelgar, I gathered people to help me. If you take a look at the current public version, you will see mostly stuff made by me and resources I used. The old valley was in fact created in a hurry by me, because of the contest's deadline, so we decided to remade it.

Firstly, Filasis created a clay model of the game world, he showed in his last dev diary. It was photographed and imported as ingame texture.
Michiel then started to create the new valley based on the clay model:

The engine we use is a derivate of Cube 2, having an voxel-based ingame map editor, we use for buildings and the landscape. It is free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use and still in active development: Github.com

Recently new shaders and real time lightening have been added:

They have been merged from a fork of Cube 2 (a FPS engine) you see in the video.

Having easy-to-use world-creation tools, we are planning on adding modding support in the future. As modder you will be able to create your own worlds ingame you can connect with the gameworld of Kelgar. You will be able to add new items, NPC, quests and more to them.

Speaking from creating the world.. The first Beta release will be made public once the new version of the valley is playable. Michiel will talk next week about his progress on the map.

After the landscape of the valley is overally done and the buildings are placed, we'll add sidequests. We have prepared a related special suprise for you with the release of the Beta.

I'll not give more information about the surprise I mentioned, but feel free to ask me anything else about Kelgar.

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Whoops, on the first picture you can see grass texture on the ruins of the house, my bad =P

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