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Crediting & Thoughts About Development on Space Music.

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I would like to thank everyone for there support with the game! I spent a couple of months creating this game and spent 3 years learning how to go from a C++ command line program to a 3D Game. As this being my first game I really enjoyed taking my dedicated time into this game and working hard on it. From a simple space ship model in the middle of the screen that can move left to right to a cool looking outer space music game!

I wasn't ever thinking on doing this when thinking of my first game. The original idea was to create a dancing game, but since then dropping the idea and working on a 3D RPG outer space space ship game. I thought I could combine those 2 ideas into something like this.

I do know there are some bugs in the game still, but for this being the first game, that really doesn't surprise me that it has some. I am still working on the game for now until I fix it up. I really hope to get this game going for different platforms in the near future and make it only 2-5 bucks on the IPhone for example and have it free on everything else.

I was also hopping to get this game multiplayer, but there are still some gameplay elements I want to add to give it a feel that both players would love still to play the game. Kind of like 2 players playing a Guitar Hero song.

So what I was thinking on giving a experience level system. So if you had more points then player two the blocks would come faster and or harder to get then the other player. I am also thinking on doing this for single player.

How it would work is that I would create 2 channels of songs playing. channel 1 would play before channel 2 with the same song you selected. 1 would be muted and the game would get the pitch of the song on that. So it would seem the blocks are coming the exact time as the music, while channel 2 is playing the music.

I do hope I get some support on this game so I can buy a Fmod license. So that I can sell the game on the IPhone really cheap and Fmod won't be angry at me for making money off their sound API.

Credits to those who helped are included In The ReadMe file in the download.

Tools Used: VS2008 C++, Gimp Image Editor, Blender 3D, Win32, OpenGL, Fmod

Thanks, Andrew! Hope you enjoy the game!

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