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Post news RSS Developer company is forming 2: Founded & launched!

The company (club) "worlddevelopment" has been founded. It has launched its operations.

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  • Worlddevelopment is founded by a small throng of people that are meeting every 2nd in average day and thus are pretty quick in decision making as has been shown by the speed the company has been formed along the revisions.

  • Another base is being surrected in a very ancient place across a river before climbing the hilltop where the first base is located (another worldcitizen riddle; Hint: has to do with Romans).
    The club has been granted virtually full authority over the 1000 m² place. We'll further illumate this place after having cleared it from some wilderness last year and this year already. I soon see epic holograms there.

  • The farm "dancing unicorn tavern" debt is history (debt-free).

  • The club "worlddevelopment" is achieving a positive balance due to one of its Consul J.R.I. Frühholz v.W. v.Z. having arranged the first rent out contract resulting in 350 € income a month as can be further seen in the open bookkeeping that is still being set up and may still take some more time because current software queue and because next to a café place in the garden for good hearted world citizens, currently a machine is heavily upgraded and automated.

    Have fun and never stop dreaming about epic worlds!
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