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Welcome to the first of many Dev Blogs. Basically, they are the Updates from the development stage except now they are focused on delivering the latest news on the team's efforts to expand and improve the mod.

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Welcome to the first of many Dev Blogs. Basically, they are the Updates from the development stage except now they are focused on delivering the latest news on the team's efforts to expand and improve the mod.

February 14, 2014 was certainly a day to be remembered. The day before, Iron Europe reached #1 on ModDB, becoming the most popular of 21,000 other mods. This was a huge surprise for the team as, in other updates, we only managed to reach the forties or fifties. Other accomplishments of IE's fans includes overloading five mirrors in two minutes, getting 27,000 ModDB hits in one day, and reaching a new 'Members Online' record on FSE forums. We thank each and every one of you for your support, it truly was what allowed us to come so far.

It was rough at first as, as mirrors went down and we realized that once servers reached more than 80 players, very bad lag started to kick in. However, the situation improved significantly once more mirrors were put up and servers were capped at 100. Over the night(for my time zone), the NA and EU servers were always near full, hundreds of people were playing the mod. It wasn't the best mod release, but all in all, it was fairly successful. DanyEle, Olafson, and Vincenzo worked to improve the mod which resulted in today's 1.1 Patch. It fixed multiple bugs and performance was improved. Asking around the servers, the patch did seem to help significantly, but the lag issues and crashes were still apparent. We apologize for those who's gameplay experiences have been affected by the lags and crashes and we will continue working to improve it.

Thanks for sticking with us so far, and I hope you all continue to do so as the mod is further expanded. The next developer blog will give more details on what you can expect for future patches. Keep reporting bugs and letting us know how we can make Iron Europe more fun. As well, don't forget to continue spreading the word of the mod around! Until next time.

Puttzy - - 254 comments

I like it, I just hate the spawn location on one map that has the Capture point of ROAD. its just a giant murder fest of Friendly Fire and enemy barrages.

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JohnMacNair - - 14 comments

To bad the release Event didn`t work yesterday :(

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SantaofDeath - - 710 comments

On Day 1, I can proudly say I was part of the fight and that I had no lag. I will be sure to post on the forums if I find any problems with this impeccable mod.

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EnglishBeef - - 6 comments

The DoW and the 22nd Bavarian hosted a very smooth 2v2 with roughly 90 players with almost no lag and it was an incredible event. Everyone enjoyed it and loved the way the mod is made. Only thing wrong with it Ive noticed is that if your inventory is full or your the wrong class
( haven't quite pinpointed the reason)when you pick up an ammo crate it disappears. The firing point for heavy mgs seems to be a bit messed up too resulting in alot of bullet hitting the ground right infront of you but I love the mod and think its great that you guys are so enthusiastic about it. Keep the up the good work.
Beef of the 33rd and DoW

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Guest - - 689,174 comments

when you are hiding in artilery kraters, you cant move trough the whole krater, it is bugged i think

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biger53 - - 8 comments

" It wasen't the best mod release"
You made the number 1 and you are still bitching.
Wow, sorry Infinity Ward sorry that there isn't 500million people on your *** on release date.

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HolyShuai - - 4 comments

I am a server that will be open to foreign players, I need a Open service package! Very, very necessary. Really! If anyone can give me I would appreciate it. This is my E_mail 769453720@qq.com

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Armoured_Soap_Dish - - 12 comments

Hey Rigadoon,

I was wondering if you could shed any light on this error.
"Unable to open file: Modules/IronEurope/Resource/Textures_face_gen.brf"

I wholey appreciate the amount of effort you guys out into this Mod. It will get a big thumbs up from where I'm sitting once I know how to get around this.

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Guest - - 689,174 comments

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