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Pre-Alpha 4 has been released to my Elite Testers this week, and I'm gonna fill you in on what Elite Testers are and what they get to explore in this latest build of Land of Skulls!

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Pre-Alpha 4 has been Released to the Elite Testers!

That's right!  Pre-Alpha 4 has just been released to the Elite Testers.  I'll feel you in about what Elite
Testers are later, but for now lets get into what is new!  First, Crafting was implemented which you have
seen before.  That is all fully functional as you seen in the videos, but now you have a solid object to
place in the world!  The first phase of building is complete and is now ready for the second phase.

craftingwindow 1

Crafting Window displaying with the player having the correct amount of ingredients.  (Image Above.)


Crafting Window displaying with the player having the incorrect amount of ingredients.  (Image Above.)

     In the first phase of building, you are able to equip the item, which will be shown in your new character
sheet.  While walking you will notice a preview of what the object would look like before you decide to
build it there.   If you choose to build it there you now hit the action button, and the item is placed.   
If something is blocking the item from being placed well... you are not able to place it there.
In the Pre-Alpha the elite testers are able to build a campfire and then interact with it.


The preview of the item the player is trying to build before accepting to build there.  
(Image Above.)


After the player has hit the "Action Button" to issue the build.  This is the actual item in the world. 
(Image Above.)

     The second phase will consist of actual buildings being able to be placed in the world.  These buildings 
will start as a construction site and you will need to build these buildings with materials to complete them.  
This also will include walls to block outside intruders as well as any other build-able structure.  Code is
 already in place for this to be an easy thing, but there is still some coding on my part to be done with 
testing a bigger chunk of the world that collides with the preview so you cannot place it there.

Character Screen

This is an early look at the Character Sheet.  It now functions, but more graphical work will come soon!  
(Image Above.)

One thing I mentioned earlier is the Character Sheet.  This is also new!  You now have slots for your 
character to equip armor as well as weapons (these will come in the near future.)  These items you wear
will effect certain stats which are not currently implemented yet, but will be some where around 
Pre-Alpha 6.  You will be able to craft armor as well as weapons in the near future to equip using the 
newly implemented crafting system as well as from NPCs based on your reputation with them.  Those
NPCs will have more experience in building epic weapons or armor and some other forms of items that are
higher tiers.  So you will have to make sure your people are happy, otherwise... they won't want to
build you that epic sword.

     Now back to what I mentioned in the beginning, "Elite Testers."  These are Testers that are currently
 friends and family at the moment who are helping with finding bugs and are really good at it.  In June I
will be allowing people from everywhere to purchase into this rank.  This will be part of the crowdfunding
process.  There will be two testing ranks, one is basic Tester rank and the other is Elite.  The basic Tester
rank will only be able to test released Alphas and Betas not including Pre-Alpha, but the Elites will have
access to Pre-Alpha and Unstable versions of the Alphas and Betas in the future.   would feel bad not giving
people benefits who help support me in making this game, so this is my way of thanking you!

I will fill you in on more of the crowdfunding as June gets closer, but for now... Elite testers enjoy beating
up Pre-Alpha 4, and I'll be tackling those bugs you find for the next Unstable Branch inside Pre-Alpha 5!  
The rest of you, thank you following my progress, and I'll give you another update soon!  Have fun gaming!

P.S.:  I'll be making a video of all of these great things soon!
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