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What's new in Little Lantern? We've been working hard to improve our game over the past few weeks, detailing some of it below. We have a lot more planned for the future, so stay tuned for more updates!

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Hi! We're Peachyy Slayy and we're developing Little Lantern, a puzzle platformer. In Little Lantern, you can play as Oppy, a cat who falls into a mysterious underground ruled by dogs. Using your lantern, guide Oppy through the dungeons and help her get back home.

What's new in Little Lantern?

We made many visual updates to the game this week as we have added a dog sprite, finished updating visuals of “light sensitive” blocks to be more intuitive, updated the Q prompt to look more like a Q as many players confused it with an O, and updated the speech bubbles of the mice to match the aesthetics of the game. We also implemented a hidden level select menu that we plan to introduce to the player after they’ve beaten the game in case they want to replay specific levels. We fixed some bugs such as the super jump and players being pushed into walls. We have redesigned some levels to prevent softlocks and we added wizard mice that retrieve lanterns in case the user cannot retrieve them themselves. We also replaced the level 5 puzzle as most players would get stuck on it. We turned the original level 5 puzzle into an optional puzzle to unlock a secret room.

New puzzle in Level 5

New secret level

What do we have planned?

Some plans we have for our next iteration include adding a cheese collectable to use for hints in order to deincentivize players from overusing the hint system, updating the visuals of the level select to better match the aesthetic of the game, and adding more levels and juice. We also plan to develop the plot of the game more and add it to more areas within the levels.

You can download and play Little Lantern over in the files tab on our page, or linked here: Indiedb.com

That's all for this week. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

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