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Post news RSS Devblog Post - December 9th

Peachyy Slayy has been hard at work this past week developing the final version of Little Lantern! We've fixed lots of bugs and added a lot more juice! Read below for more specifics.

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This final update mainly consisted of bug fixes, visual updates, and additions in plot. We extensively playtested our game, discovering and fixing a long list of bugs. Some of these ranged from as minor as camera view adjustments and as vital preventing the game from freezing due to certain actions. We added many juice updates such as wizard rat effects and visual indications of the dog’s state so that doing actions feels more responsive to the player. There are now more cutscenes with the dogs chasing and catching you to maintain that plot throughout the game. Last update we just had the one dog cutscene in the beginning and have finished the rest of them.



We currently don’t know exactly what our plans moving forward are as this may be our final update on the game as a team.

You can download and play Little Lantern here: Yuenaa.itch.io

That's all for Little Lantern! A huge thank you from all of us at Peachyy Slayy for reading and keeping up with the development of our game! We hope you have fun with it!

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