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New maps, battlefields, buildings, laws and more...

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Finally, I decided to start a development blog.

First of all I’m not a writer and english isn’t my native language, but I want you to get some insights about the development process and what we are doing right now.

Let’s start…

Weather & Seasons

season preview winter small

We started last week, by working on seasons and some weather effects to make the visuals more varied. So every turn changes the tilesets to the next season and added some random weather effects like rain, snow and some clouds.



We added different battlefield. The player can choose where he wants to take the fight, that increased the importance of unit composition and the capabilities of strategies.
More possible strategies and opportunities are good for a strategy game right?



The first half of the tutorial has been added to guide you through the alpha version. We can’t finish the tutorial right now, because the upcoming ui changes and new features, would result in making a complete new tutorial again.

Building Level Cap & Price Model

We decided to remove the level limitation from buildings and change the price model:

cost = basic_cost + (level * cost_increase * (round_down(level / 10) + 1))

in other words a linear increase with increase even more ever 10 level.

Blacksmith, Equipment and Lazaret

blacksmith statuegif

We added a new building to your kingdom the blacksmith, where you can get some equipment and build some statues. The equipment reduces the casualties in battles and the statues give some permanently bonuses. On the top of this we are decided to add a new law the lazaret, which reduces the casulties even more.

Thank you!

Last of all, we want to thank you all for reading, playing and giving us some feedback to improve our game.

We are really open about Survival Kingdom, so let us now if you have cool ideas or some feedback. You can reach out to us via twitter @bat_byte, support@bat-byte.com or feedback formular.

We wish you all a wonderful day.

ICHNICERO - - 622 comments

Pixel aesthetics look really good!

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catchthebear - - 94 comments

Looks fun!

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