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A new project that is going to hit the earth faster than I anticipated..

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It's been a while since I've released an update for Boredom and for me in general. I have actually been fairly busy lately working on a new project. Remember my last post giving a list of potential projects. Well, I picked one.

I'm working on my own Game IDE. The name is undecided and the release date is close (probably end of July or mid August).

I am building this IDE so I can use it to make all my future games. It will have lower system requirements than Game Maker and will support 'sexy graphics'. As far as I know, it will be cross-platform. This means it will be able to make games for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I don't know for sure if the IDE itself will be cross-platform. I guess we'll see eventually.

I also plan on publishing this IDE to the public along with a very well-documented help file including tutorials so you can use it to make games too. This program will also help students with basic programming experience get into game programming without being spoiled by "Drag and Drop".

So far it's about 1170 lines of code. I'm about a third of the way done. The GUI will be unobtrusive and like nothing you've seen before.
Here are some of my home-made button icons that will be in the program. Please do not use them without permission.

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Congratulations to Dutcher95 for being the first YouTuber to completely finish Boredom! (without cheating)

Stay tuned for the next update!!

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