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Hi! As we announced some time ago, we want to present you a new list of changes in Edengrad. We now feel the time pressure, because there are several weeks left to the deadline for the launch of alpha version, but we keep the pace of our work and give 110% effort! Here’s the newest changelog.

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Feel free to post your suggestion or ask any questions on our forums or on our Facebook Group - Mercenaries from Edengrad.


We rewrote most of the code for mobs. Thanks to this, the server works far more efficiently. We also added some new functions:

  • Mobs from various groups will fight each other. For example, a wolf will hunt deer, while a bandit will fight with mutants.
  • An enemy may adopt properties of a personal guard, follow the player and fight with his/her foes. It gives us a whole new bunch of opportunities when it comes to quests, events, and locations.
  • As we mentioned in ?Update #1, we created land mines. From now on, they also work now against enemies, which will allow more efficient and splashy elimination.
  • Every mob was given the possibility of having several types of attacks.


Although things like ammo are becoming a relict in MMORPGs, we think that a survival game would be nothing without serious dilemmas: whether you should use your weapon now, or spare the precious ammo for some other situation. That is why we added ammunition to firearms. What is more, we added some new types of melee weapons.

A small sneak peek – shields will be available in Edengrad. More info soon!


The movement mechanisms were divided into different controllers. It allowed us expand the game with different types of movement. What is more, we rebuilt the camera work and animation shifts.

We added ragdolls. Putting it short and simple, when a character is ejected in the air (e.g. by a mine), it becomes inert and after falling down, the animation depend on many variables and is generated in real-time, so that it looks differently every time.

We implemented layers of animations and worked on rotations of bones of the player, depending on the direction he/she looks in or aims the weapon in. We also added several new animations.


Sounds of mobs are being finished. We now work on implementation, balance of volume, and areas of sound covered within three-dimensional space. There are also some new tracks being composed that will reflect the atmosphere of Edengrad and a post-apocalyptic world.

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looking awesome

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Omg, omg... A post-apocalyptic mmorpg!!! I've been waiting for this after Fallen Earth's death :D

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