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This is to all of those of whom dislike the game because of it's text based orientated style...

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So I have been looking through some statistics and I am willing to bet a lot of players are not too in to this game because of the fact it has a text-based orientated structure. I think this is fine and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and because I am such an epic developer, you might see a 3D sequel to this game coming out soon...

As for the game itself, I am in the process of adding some scary background music to it, two of the songs that I have been thinking of adding are: Ring Around The Rosy (Slow, Scary Version) and The Lavender Town Syndrome music. I am also adding some new playable possibilities that you can choose from during game play and I have officially added the Entity back into the game and this time it is even deadlier.

I have no news for the Dreamcast version of the game because I will be creating a separate article for all of the up to date news for the console.

The WebOS version has officially been put into production and we have got some great results so if you own a palm pre, palm pixi, palm veer or a touchpad then you will love what we have in store for you!

That's it for now, I will add some more news when I get around to it...

Thanks for reading,


Even though the demand for text based games is very low, but I am excited for it. The idea of adding in music is a great idea, and those songs are the perfect ones.

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