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Post news RSS Dev Log 6 - Sketchy shop!

a better look on how our game shop will look like!

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Hello friends!

Today we wanted to show you some updates we have on the room we are working for our game, the black market!

We wanted this room to be cluttered and unorganized.
This will be the place where the player will buy all their upgrades and cosmetics!

Here's the initial concept that our artist came up with a while back!

image 2023 04 01 232242280

With this concept in mind, we started modeling and came up with this inside unreal engine for one of the Curricular Units of our undergraduate course:

image 2023 04 29 222644706image 2023 04 29 222712595image 2023 04 29 222735501image 2023 04 29 222756965

We really thought the rays of light in the form of a cat would really give the room that bit of character that it needed, and we are super happy with how the room turned out and are really excited to see how it will look once the seller, "sketchy cat", will look like inside it!

This is all for today! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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With love, Crimson Capy

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