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In this article we will be showcasing our project and going into detail about our research process and initial sketches.

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Hello everyone!

We are Crimson Capy (previously known as MadMimicStudios) and are currently working on our first 3D game for a school project!

Our game is Called Dejima Delivery, and it talks about a cute Capybara that needs to deliver goods in an artificial island while befriending the cute creatures that live in it.

Our game was inspired by the island of Dejima, Nagasaki.
The island of Dejima was created artificially by the Japanese as a way to trade with foreign countries like Portugal and the Netherlands without having the countries interact with the rest of the country, since it was prohibited by the isolationist Edo Period, Making the Island of Dejima the only Japanese territory open to westerns.

image 2023 03 18 210859080

With that concept in mind, we decided to create a game about a creature that is responsible for making the deliveries everyday for the residents of an island, while completing different quests to become friendlier with them, unlocking cosmetics and buffs for their next delivery.
We wanted to create a cozy experience where the player could explore the island after the deliveries are made, so we divided our gameplay in two parts -- The Delivery Stage and the Exploration Stage.

In the delivery stage, the player is responsible for delivering boxes around the island.

In the Exploration stage, the player may do as they like. Quests are available for the players to complete, while they can also talk to the different NPCs in the island.

With this setting in mind, our artist has worked on a few sketches for the characters and buildings:

image 2023 03 18 220013586 image 2023 03 18 220003356image 2023 03 18 215939832image 2023 03 18 215956471

With these concepts in mind, our artist created a quick block out in Blender and then a sketch of a mock up for our game!

image 2023 03 18 220549848image 2023 03 18 220434745

This is all for today!
We will be back next week to talk a little bit better about every character and a more in-depth explanation about the different mechanics in our game!


With Love, Crimson Capy :)

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