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Tis is our final dev blog on our game Granny's Day Off. This marks the release of the game.

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For this final iteration of our game, we added in some things that make the game feel better in our opinions. We finally added in music that we got from a freelancer we worked with, making the game feel much more alive and upbeat than it did before. We also were able to get some freelance voice actors to work with us and give us voices for our grandma’s in our trailer and they also gave us sounds we could use in the game to add more juice to it. We also made a big change to our tutorial level before the main part of the game. We also added in some win animations and draw animations after the game ends to give a more entertaining win screen. We also changed how the golden bear gives points to try and balance that. We also changed some of the UI very slightly to make it easier to see and more useful for the player. And finally we changed the camera sensitivity a little bit.

Adding in music was an easy decision, the game felt kind of dead without it. But with the added music, the game feels much more upbeat and alive. We aimed for the music to add that sort of feel into the game. We also made the decision to slowly speed up the music to add intensity to the matches and create some tension between the players. We were also able to change some of the sounds in the game to add more variation. We reworded our entire tutorial and added in animations with controllers to make the controls much easier to understand with text to support it. We discovered our previous tutorial was very confusing and not getting the objective of the game across to players. We also added in win animations to make winning feel more rewarding and give players an incentive to win. The last big change we made was changing how the golden bear gives points to the players. We discovered that kill stealing made the game very unbalanced, so we decided every time the players hit the golden bear they would get a small amount of points, and the one that actually kills the ear would get more points. So this system rewards players for getting to the bear earlier than their opponent as they can rack up points much faster through hitting the golden bear and getting the kill stolen would still not tip the balance too much. Another small change we made was changing some of the UI and text to be more readable and useful to the players. We changed the camera sensitivity because we received a lot of feedback that the camera felt jerky from being too sensitive and that made it harder to aim.

We have finally finished the game and you can play it here: Granny's Day Off by b00pster (itch.io)

You can also watch the trailer for our game here: Granny's Day Off - Trailer - YouTube

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