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This is the release of our game, Destroy Planet Earth

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Today we are releasing the gold version of Destroy Planet Earth. As this is the final build of our game, we worked very hard to make the game as great as it can be for this release.

The game now features:

- A full, complete game experience, featuring a beginning, multiple levels, and an end

- A brand new, informative and interesting tutorial sequence

- Multiple playable levels that connect together; the second level is a significantly revamped version of a level that was featured in an earlier build

- A final sequence where the player hacks the mothership and then must destroy the earth

- A new time dilation mechanic, unlocked upon hacking an enemy ship, that the player can use to slow down time for enemies.

Previously, with only one playable level, players were left wanting more; however now, we have multiple levels playable in our game, resulting in a more complete experience. The first level is very fast paced and focuses on combat, and within it the player can hack, but can also get away without hacking. The second level encourages hacking by leaving out front ahead of the rest. This level is very challenging without hacking, however hacking will make it much more doable to beat the level, as this ship is stronger and also has access to time dilation. Time dilation is a new mechanic which adds interesting player choices, because it allows the player to slow time during a hectic situation, but it can only be used twice per ship. Players must hack a new ship in order to refill time dilation, which further encourages the hacking mechanic. We also have a climactic ending sequence that lives up to our game’s title and causes our game to end on a conclusive note. Furthermore, players did not feel like there was enough guidance, so we completely revamped our tutorial so that now, players are introduced one by one to all our core mechanics.

This is our last iteration, so we do not currently plan to make further iterations.

Here is a link to our itch.io page: Darthrevan3994.itch.io

Here is a direct link to download our build: Drive.google.com

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