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Engine switch from Cryengine 3 to Unreal Engine 4. Ideas and decisions for the new engine.

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Engine Switch

The decision to move game engine from Cry engine 3 to Unreal engine 4. Therefore this means I will be creating Desert Zone 76 in Unreal Engine 4.

The reason why I have changed engine is firstly, the lack of support from Cry engine community and the online forums are pretty limited. Secondly, no executable files in Cry engine meaning players would have to download the entire game engine to play the game which isn't user friendly or worthwhile for players. Thirdly, the car physics set-up had lots of problems in cry engine therefore time consuming and issues that halt faster and effective progress in development. Finally, the multi-player functions don't work in cry engine which is a pain. Happy to switch engines to move the game forward in 2016.

My Plans for the Unreal Engine

The current plan of action is that i will transfer my current game development from cry engine to unreal so most of the architecture which I have built in cry engine will be transferred to unreal. This means I will have to rebuild a lot of things within the game but a positive note I'm keeping the same art style in the new engine.


Multi-player functionality will beneficial for the game because it will create interaction between players within the game.

  • Users can work together by driving together.
  • Users racing against each other - Creating an element of competition within the game!

By using unreal engine this enables the multi-player which is functional in unreal engine. Therefore, the aim with multi-player is to have local and online multi-player working correctly that is the overall aim of this update.

Thanks for reading!

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