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Today I will tell you some details about professions in the game, as they will be connected and why do will need.

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WARNING: looking for someone who would help me to publish news. The task is simple - check the text on the "readability" and point out my mistakes.

Description of professions

The game will have 3 profession, one for each of the main resources accordingly. The following resources: wood, stone and magic. Accordingly, professions available to players - woodworker, the mason and the magician. Ideally, I would like to get something like this graph by professions among the players in percentages:

Why is that? The thing is, how often will require each of the professions in the game. Accordingly, the woodworkers are always in demand, and in large numbers, masons, in turn, will be a little less important, but they will have to share mainly at the high-level construction. Magee will be helpful is very rare, but their help will be invaluable in the production of goods of the highest quality, and magicians will be the most active importers from all other professions. Before you choose this profession, think about it.

Once the player chooses his profession, he will be available upgrade main production building up to the second level and beyond, while the remaining (non-basic - that is, buildings that do not relate to the chosen profession) will be the first level, and an upgrade will not be possible. It should take into account that the extraction of resources, buildings will be different at the early stages - just look at the attached diagram.

As we can see, each level the extractive construction provides 50% increase in the extraction of the resource. The presence of a premium account will increase its resources by 50%, regardless of the level of construction. That is, being a woodworker, built a sawmill and 3 levels with a premium account, we get an increase in the amount of of wood of 135 units in 20 hours. However, other resources if necessary we will have to buy from friends - in fact being a carpenter, we can not improve quarry and mage tower above level 1, but with a premium account production of these resources will be increased.

Choosing the profession, you can not learn recipes of other professions, and recipes of their profession, you can not learn more than 1 times. Recipes You can only get on game levels with a chance to level up to 25%. However, there are some recipes that you can not get on the game levels, and reagents required for them as unique and not available in a simple game. It is necessary to talk about things that the player can create:

It is worth considering on that detail. Items having a white color - these are the main resources in the game, ie, gold, wood, stone and magic. The same list includes basic shells for the towers. Items green - it's already created players objects, and basically it will be the foundation subjects, the absence of which has not improved to create. For example, consider crafting a sharp arrow mason, where we see how processing of basic resources to create a superior arrows for archery towers:

The resulting arrows gives +10% damage, and can be activated for 7 days, after which they run out, and the archers have to use normal arrows. Thus, treatment of 25 units of stone and 5 units of of wood make a substantial bonus to attack tower of archers.

I can stop, take a short break before the next news. Next time, tell a little about the game market.

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