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Travel the seas as the captain of a Portuguese ship.

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Hello everyone and welcome to our first article!

Descobrimentos Portugueses, takes place in the Age of Discovery of the Portuguese empire in the XV century, where the player is the captain of a vessel set to sail the legendary path to Japan.
In order to reach the destination the player will have to manage the entire ship, its resources and crew, as well as face several obstacles throughout the journey (Pirates, riots, storms, etc…).

Reference Games

Sea of Thieves

Lapse: A forgotten future


As we're working towards a vertical slice to be released this summer, we've already prototyped some of the core game mechanics that we can show

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The core loop of our game consists mainly of decisions and resource management, every litle thing can impact something along your journey so you must be smart with every decision. You can use the map to determin your next destination, fight off enemies, catastrofes and other events, reach new islands to spread your relegion, trade merchandise or simply take over. Just remember to think ahed so that you are able to reach the final goal of Japan.


That's all for this week. We´re planning on reporting Descobrimentos Portugueses updates as often as possible, thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates!

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