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Post news RSS Der Professor - Open Beta go live....

And the Countdown for the last 24 hours start! You can find the countdown and the download on our website!

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You can find the countdown on our website!
You can find the download on our website!

Der Professor - Open Beta (0.5.0) (Preload)

Thanks to all who give us feedback and help us with the development of this game. Now it is time for the Open Beta. We have added much things. New Maps, Weapons, Features and much more. We will Release a Launch Trailer after the Open Beta Launch. I will play the game after release too! If you want to play with me join my Lobby ("DEV-LOLWUT"). If you have Problems, please Read first the readme.

MarcoSadowski wrote:


You can find the Countdown on our website: Derprofessor.neuesgameforum.de

You need a Der Professor Account!

Server Hosting

Master Server location: Germany, Frankfurt
If you want to host a game, then you have to forwarding port 2303. The protocol is UDP. Up to 10 players can play on a server.

If a Lobby started....

Hoster: Go to Host Game
Joiner: Go to Join Game. Wait for the Host....

"Waiting to Join . . ."

If you get "Waiting to Join" this is not necessarily a bug. When a Lobby has ended, the broadcasted message on the Der Professor game host server is not immediately released. This causes a "Ghost" game to be reported. Basically, the game just looks available when it is not. Another reason you may get the WTJ message is because the hosted game is on a router and not forwarded or not forwarded properly.


W,A,S,D = Move
Shift = Walk
R = Reload
F = Action
1 - 9 = Weapon-Slots
0 = No Weapon'sCtrl = Crouch
TAB = Stats, FPS



Someone wrote:+ New Map: TEST-LAB
+ New Map: TOWER
+ New Map: JAIL
+ New Updater
+ Achievements
+ Ranking System
+ Online Leaderboards
+ Stat Tracking
+ Multi-Level (FPS-Creator does not Support (normally) Multi-Level in Multiplayer)
+ Full lobby system with chat support before starting the game.
+ Improved User Interface
+ Improved Launcher
+ Improved Installer
+ New Weapons
+ New Character Models
* Login Tab Bug fixed
* Open Beta now start as mod
* much Bug fixes


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