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Post news RSS Depths of Sanity is OUT NOW on PC! Experience the nightmare today!

A mysterious signal. A missing crew. And the one man trying to piece it all together. As Abe Douglas, dive deep into a fully underwater metroidvania to explore massive oceanic biomes, battle monstrous bosses, and piece together a mystery that threatens not only your crew, but your own sanity.

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After six long years, the day is finally here: Our underwater metroidvania Depths of Sanity is out now on PC! Check out the launch trailer here:

If you’ve been following along waiting for the official release, now is the time to dive-in. And don’t just take our word for it — check out these Early Access reviews from several customers to get an idea of what you’re in for:

“Depths of Sanity is a bewitching Metroidvania that should take you between 10–15 hours to complete if you want to discover everything…all in all, this game is a hearty recommendation from me to any fans of this type of throwback game. Depths is best in class and I’m surprised that it’s not more talked about.” — The Beak

“When I started Chapter 4, I couldn’t put the game down…as my descent continued, I encountered increasingly sprawling environments, fun upgrades (the booster especially) and a few genuinely disturbing moments, one of which made me sit up straight in my chair and stare at the screen.” — Captain Chaos

First time you’ve heard of us? No problem. Depths of Sanity is an underwater metroidvania nightmare. You play as Abe Douglas, a Commander in the G.O.A.A. tracking down the Baroness, a submarine staffed by his old crew that went dark while investigating a mysterious signal at the bottom of the ocean.

The Temple

The entire game takes place under the sea, flipping a lot of the usual metroidvania mechanics on their head. There are no double jumps to save you here. Instead, you’ll use unique tools like diver suits to squeeze through tight areas, sonar to guide you through pure blackness, and tow lines to yank you through heavy currents, and, if you’re feeling frisky, send yourself flying into your enemies.

If that sounds like just the game you’re looking for, take the plunge and grab your copy here!

Boss Fight

After our launch discount of $13.50, the price of the game is going up to $19.99 now that we're out of Early Access, so don't miss your chance to get the full experience at the cheapest price for a while!

And if you’re one of the people who has played with us through Early Access…thank you. Seriously, thank you so much. We literally would not have gotten to this huge milestone without your feedback helping to shape this into the experience it is now.

If you’ve finished the game and enjoyed it, please leave us a review and tell your friends about it! Each review is incredibly helpful and motivating for us.

The rest of the team is going to take a much needed break to sit back and enjoy launch day.

Thank you for playing,

The Bomb Shelter Games Team

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