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Post news RSS Depixtion v1.3 Release & 50% off sale!

New Cheaper Price! New Features! New Music! New Achievements! New UI! New Control Schemes! New Advanced Tutorial! New Trailer! It's almost a whole new game!

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Hello Everyone!

We've been incredibly hard at work putting together the MASSIVE 1.3 update for Depixtion! With the revamped control scheme, improved UI, added features, new music, and everything else, it almost looks and feels like a completely different game. But don't take our word for it. See for yourself in our new trailer!

Now, let's get onto the details:

Price Reduction & Sale

We've permanently reduced the price of Depixtion from $9.99 to $7.99. We are doing this to align the price of the Steam version to match that of the console releases of Depixtion. To celebrate both the release of version 1.3, and the price reduction, we will be having a 50% off sale from Oct. 1st to Oct. 14th! And yes, the sale is starting AFTER the price reduction.

You can buy Depixtion on sale HERE

New Features & Changes

New Controls
The Control Scheme for Depixtion has gotten a major overhaul! There are now 2 available control schemes for each controller type: Default & Legacy. You can switch between the control schemes in the Options menu.

Left Click - Colors the Square with the Selected Color
Mouse Wheel - Selects Color (Light or Dark)
Right Click - X/Clear

Single Left Click - Light Color
Double Left Click - Dark Color
Right Click - X/Clear

Light & Dark are each assigned their own button

Light & Dark are assigned to the same button. You must press the button twice to place a Dark Color

Light & Dark are each assigned their own key

Light & Dark are assigned to the same key. You must press the key twice to place a Dark Color

Advanced Tutorial
Stuck scratching your head while trying to solve some of the harder 24x24 puzzles? Then consult our new Advanced Tutorial for some Picross tips and tricks! The Advanced Tutorial can be accessed through the Options menu in both the Main Menu and during gameplay.

Drag Lock
Drag Lock is finally here! When enabled, your cursor will no long stray into neighboring squares when filling in larger hints. Drag Lock can be Enabled/Disabled in the Options menu.

Drag Lock Counting
Tired of trying to count out 20+ squares in groups of 4? We feel you. That's why we added a Counting system! When utilizing the new "Drag Lock" feature, filling in more than a single square at a time will bring up a counter that shows how many squares you will be filling in

New Achievements
We've added 7 new Achievements to Depixtion! We did this to match the number of Achievements in the upcoming Depixtion: Halloween. Go check them out!

New Music
The great Bonisdead has provided us with 2 new tracks for Depixtion!
There are now 2 alternating tracks for puzzle mode, and a track that plays whenever you've completed a puzzle.

New & Improved Gameplay UI
The Gameplay UI has been completely overhauled. It now sits on the bottom of the screen opposed to the top, and is dependent on what control scheme you are currently using. Whether it be Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse, Default, or Legacy, your controls will now be visible at all times at the bottom of the screen.

The Undo/Redo system now tracks on a "Per Move" basis, opposed to being tracked on a "Per Square" basis. For example, if you color in 4 spaces in a single move, it will undo all 4 spaces, instead of the last one colored in.

First Time Player Popup
New players to Depixtion will be greeted with a pop-up asking if they would like to start with the tutorial. This should make it much easier for new players to get their bearings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Timer pop-in
  • Removed ability to switch to a completed puzzle
  • Fixed Invisible Pause panel issue
  • Puzzles no longer save if only filled with X's or Blanks
  • Fixed spelling & Grammar Issues
  • Fixed issue were hints would not be grayed out on load
  • MANY MANY more minor bugs have been squashed

Thank you all so much for your feedback! We hope you all enjoy version 1.3!

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