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This free content update contains 4 new 24x24 Depixtion puzzles that are based off of the following upcoming Indie games being locally developed in our hometown, Texas!

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Hey Picross Fans!

Depixtion v1.5 is coming this Halloween, bringing with it a few new colorful features and content! Just check out this new trailer!

New Features & Content

Grey Scale Mode
Having a hard time telling the difference between Light Blue & Dark Blue on those super tough 24x24 puzzles? Then try out Grey Scale Mode! Turn those pesky colors into easy to read monochromatic shades of Grey!

4k/Widescreen Support
Depixtion can now support just about any resolution under the sun, including 4k and Widescreen!

Texas Indie Games Puzzle Pack
Already conquered everything that Depixtion has to offer? Then enjoy 4 more free 24x24 puzzles that are based off of the following Indie games that are being locally developed in our hometown, Texas:

Prepare for adventure with Quintessa "Tess" Schwarzchild and Alesia "Zeph" Zephaniah of the Starship Admetus as they solve puzzles, dodge obstacles, and uncover the mysteries lying deep within the Aacmotzz Research Facility.

Talif's Journey
Join Talif in his journey as he travels to 4 dungeons on his path from Apprentice to Wizard. Call upon earth, fire, water, and air as you master all 4 elements! Combine the elemental orbs to create spells that are greater than the sum of their parts.

On the morning of his 13th birthday, Seth wakes up to find out that he's the literal son of Lucifer, and that he has inherited the power of Despair. Using this ability of Despair, Seth can take control of his enemies by possessing them on his journey to rally his half-siblings & defeat his tyrannical father.

Rizzo's Island
Tom Rizzo was traveling around in his Psychedelevator, trying to find a new place to chill out, when OH NO! HE FELL OUT! Now he has to make his way across the island to get back to the psychedelevator so he can get home!

The Texas Indie Puzzle Pack will be arriving with Depixtion v1.5, and will be listed as puzzles 97-100.

Depixtion Halloween DLC
This Halloween, prepare to solve the most frightening Nonogram puzzles you’ve ever seen!
Depixtion: Halloween will be fully integrated into Depixtion as DLC by October 31st.

If you have any questions about the migration of Depixtion: Halloween from a standalone product to DLC, please refer to this forum post:


Puzzle Logic Fixes
Depixtion prides itself in having puzzles that can be solved using no guesswork, however we recently uncovered that a few puzzles have slipped through the cracks. Using feedback provided by the community, we identified 14+ puzzles that could not be solved using conventional Nonogram logic. We have fixed these issues, and will be including the updated puzzles in the upcoming update.

Various Bug Fixes
There's quite a lot of bugs we squashed in this update, including the pesky issue where solved hints would not be gray when loading into a puzzle. Hopefully we've got them all, but please let us know if we missed any!

That’s it for this announcement, but stay tuned for more “spooktacular” details on the upcoming Depixtion: Halloween DLC!

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