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Post news RSS Dengen Chronicles introduces the Perfect Mode and Other New Features

Dengen Chronicles introduces the Perfect Mode, faster fights and it's now available on Chrome Web Store.

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Starting today, we’re rolling out some new dengen features! Now, your fights are going to be way more engaging.

Perfect Mode

When you attack someone of the same or higher level, you have to get stuck in and try to win 5 - 0. That way, depending on how much stronger your opponent is, you will get a higher prize.To put it more plainly: you win 5 - 0 against someone of the same level as you, then you gain some extra coins; you win 5 - 0 against someone two levels higher than you, then the prize is going to be much more thrilling.

Perfect Mode
Perfect mode = bigger prize

Faster Fights

In addition to that, we’ve made the fight faster, focusing on its progress. Consider a situation when you are winning 3 – 1 or you are losing 0 – 3. At this point, it is clear that there is a winner and above all, there is no more chance to turn the tide. So, the game session will automatically end.
Faster, brilliant fights are key to maximize the game experience and we just want to make your dengen saga as immersive as possible.
And yet, this is only the beginning!

Faster Fights

Chrome Web Store

Wouldn’t it be great if you were provided with a new tool to get Dengen Chronicles at your fingertips? We thought it would be so great!
So head on over to the Chrome Web Store and download our app.
Pick a side, create your deck of super customizable warriors and start spectacular fights. Play your saga!
If you love Dengen Chronicles, you may consider to give us five stars ;)

Dengen Chronicles on Chrome Web Store

Anyway, we definitely want to read your feedback. So please, don’t be shy and leave us your comments and suggestions.
There’s no improvement without constructive criticism.

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