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Dungeon Crawler with no grinding and pseudo classes(roles).

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First, the "bad news" is that we are going to have to delay the release date... to provide a better made and more complete game.

Second, we are hoping to get admitted into alpha funding so express yourselves.
You liked the concept that the demo shows? Great, add yourself as a watcher to show your support on this site.
You hated x about the game or would like more y in it? Post a comment! You are much welcomed :)
"This game is a piece of crap that you should just delete, nothing ever happens in CC, it's lame and it's graphics suck: quit working on anything related to video games."? Say so.



Crewon Clash 1st Demo

About Friendly Fire/Hostile Heal (FF/HH)

It is an intentional feature. To get enemies into your crew, you have to hit them. Hitting them may put them into a stunned-like state where they become a "Drop" if you KO them before it wears off. So, to increase your chances (maybe it's a rare crewon you can't afford to lose?) you may want to heal the enemy crewons to hit them some more. However, this will be an optional feature. To prevent abuse, it will likely be an option on game creation or before entering a stage.

Features that are planned for the final release but excluded on this one:

  1. Key bindings, including gamepad and maybe mouse.
  2. More functions for the CReScript language. (got anything in mind you'd already like in it? Tell us in a comment!)
  3. More levels/stages/areas: We already have several more in production and planning, the goal is to have 6-7 total. The forest was meant to be simple, as you'll start the game directly in it, so you should be able to clear it in order to replay it if you need to look for something. (like a particular crewon to fulfill a certain role?)
  4. BOSSES this is obvious. Boss battles will be battles against larger crewons with constant reinforcements. Each Boss will have a different AI with a different strategy... we wonder which you'll find harder.
  5. The capturing mechanic. Right now, no matter how many enemies you KO, you won't be able to add any to your crew. This is a central concept of the game that will be added soon.
  6. Life system to limit infinite respawns after death, and also some kind of event upon death to show you that you died.
  7. Limiting a crewon to be only used by one player. If you've already played with someone else using your same crewon, you'll notice the HP is shared.

Be sure to leave your comments and feedback so we can improve! We really want to know about your impressions and opinions.

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