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Third weekly update for Delve, representing the "polish" week

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What's New?

* Fourth miner

* Animations and new art

* Sound effects added for walking, lantern use, taking damage, mining, and attacking as the monster

* Updates to mining and depositing coal

* Level redesign

* Tutorial updates, including new dialogue system and increased guidance

* Lantern fuel UI updated to indicate when fuel is running out

* Delay before player dies when they can move removed

What's the Motivation?

Sound effects and art were added to give the game a more polished feel. The mining mechanic was updated, alone with a new animation, to make mining seem more impactful. The level was redesigned to be much larger now that the game uses splitscreen rather than a dynamic, growing camera, allowing us to make a more sprawling map. Lantern fuel UI and player death delay were fixed due to issues in playtesting.

What's Next?

The next and final deliverable will feature the new mechanic of the cave-in, allowing the monster to create rubble that slows down miners, but which they can clear away. In addition to this, playtesting will lead us to finalize aspects of the games, attempting to balance the miners and the monster.

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