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Farbs is one of the most celebrated game developers of the '10s, in no small part because of Captain Forever and Captain Successor. Dejobaan interrogates him in the oddest interview you'll read all week.

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I am Dejobaan. I am interviewing Farbs. Farbs is a popular game developer. He did these games:

  • Captain Forever. (YES)
  • Captain Successor. (YES)
  • Captain Impostor. (MAYBE)
  • Captain Divisor. (NO)

If you do not read the interview, then watch the interview:

Let the interview begin. Farbs began the interview like he does every time:

> > USER Dejobaan
> > ACCEPT? (Y/N)
> > Y_

This is not the way an interview starts. It's how all interviews start. Why did it take this long for this way of thinking to come about?

> DEJOBAAN: 1A. It's 1983. I'm playing Captain Forever and rockin' a 6502. Yes or no?

> FARBS: What? No. Negative. For starters it's 1990, or at least late '89. I haven't seen a reliable time beacon lately but my clock is quartz digital so it can't be that far out. Second, Captain Forever is a remote pilot interface and not a toy for you to played with. The interface is designed for 80386 and above, so I doubt you'll see much on a 6502. What's this about anyway?

Do you know what a 6502 looks like, or is? If you know the answer, then you and I are in a secret club! If you do not know the answer, you can join us in the club after this. Onwards.

>DEJOBAAN: 1B. Please introduce yourself! Who are you, and what's your background as a game developer? Why did you go indie? What did you mum, dad, husband, or wife say when you said you were "going indie"?

>FARBS: Okay. I'm Captain Farbs of the star vessel Nemesis. In '87 I left my home colony by flying as an independent contractor. My license is still valid, but I can't take on work if that's what you're getting at. My family are offworld dirt farmers so they were thrilled when I secured my own ship.

When Farbs means that he still flies independently, it's because he makes games like Captain Successor:

>DEJOBAAN: 2. Tell us about your workspace - are you a "work from home while watching Oprah" kinda dev, a "get out of bed and trudge through the snow to the office" kind, or something else?

>FARBS: Ha! My cockpit is the size of a refrigerator and most days I can't feel my feet. It's where I eat, sht, and sleep if that were possible. There's a small cavity near my right shoulder for “personal effects”. Some pilots keep family photos or shrines in there. I lean my head into it sometimes to stretch my spine. That's the glorious life of the contractor pilot. See the stars! Be your own boss! Sht where you sleep!

I know that the forums have been wondering: Captain Divisor is not real:


>DEJOBAAN: 3. You wake up on a Wednesday morning. Congratulations -- you have a full day's work ahead of you! What do you get done in the first hour? (Okay, go on and tell us about the subsequent 10 hours.)

>FARBS: I could tell you about the next 100 hours if you want – or the next 1000. I fly somewhere quiet, then some boot/jacker springs me and I hit the boosters. If they're lucky I get away. If they're unlucky they catch me. If they're very unlucky they fire on my command module. Repeat, repeat, repeat...

NO. (Yes!) Look, this is Captain Forever:

On second thought, it's obviously Captain Impostor.

>DEJOBAAN: 4. Would you classify yourself as more of an artist or a tech wiz? Master of biz? Maybe you do it all, tell us about it Jack...


FARBS: I'm a shtty pilot in a shtty vessel. I can pull some tech together when I get time, but like I said I'm not taking on work right now. I've rigged a couple of remote pilot interfaces to a web terminal at [LINK: Captainforever.com] www.captainforever.com and I'm planning to add more soon.

>DEJOBAAN: 5. We have a few favorite moments in our studio's history -- care to hare one of yours?

>FARBS: Yep. It started in 1959 and ended in 1987. It was every minute of my life before I squeezed into this sht-can. Sure we were forced offworld in 81, but at least planetside I could walk around. Now I can fly anywhere in the verse but I can't step outside.

>DEJOBAAN: 6. Tell us about a game that inspired you to MAKE games.

>FARBS: What, you mean games like video games? How do you know I'm making a video game? I, uh, guess I was inspired by Asteroids, and maybe Space War. I play Zork through a web terminal sometimes but I don't like the thought of being underground. Oh, and I loved Galaga and Galaxian. Missile Command and Bezerk were pretty cool too. I never did get what people saw in Pac Man. Heh. It's a shame people stopped making video games. I guess when we took up space travel we lost our taste for simulated combat.

Fine. You've heard of Zork and Galaga and Galaxian. What about Star Castle? In retrospect, Star Castle wasn't as much fun.

>DEJOBAAN: 7. A picture's worth a thousand words. Got any photos you'd like to share of yourself? Your team? (Before coffee? After coffee?) Your workspace (what you look at for 10-20 hours a day!). A screenshot or two of something you have in progress.

>FARBS: Uh, I don't have much to show. My oxy-gen's bunk so I can't take off the flight mask. I'll see what I can do. Oh uh, you can see me here reflected in the display console. > FILE SENT: DETONATION113.JPG

Don't you think it's a little odd that nobody's ever seen Farbs, or even knows what his real name is?

>DEJOBAAN: 8. Is there a question you wish we had just asked you (and what's the answer?)?


>FARBS: Actually yes. This is some kind of media thing right? I need people to know about the blasts. I mean, everybody knows about them obviously but I actually know - I mean I know what's causing them! The

Do you see what's happening here? Did you see what he did? This is life. It's fresh. This is Dejobaan, and I am leaving you.

haxorfox - - 66 comments

Awesome interview.

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PsySal - - 22 comments

His name is FARBS.

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